Coffee Wallet.
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Send and receive coins using your device. Use generated keys or import wallets. Support for BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, ERC20 tokens and more.


Whether you use hardware, paper or a third-party wallet, you can add addresses or balances to your 'offline' portfolio to keep track.


Simply swap one cryptocurrency to another using centralised and decentralised exchanges directly from your wallet.


Code is available under terms of Open Source license. And this is more important that one might think.


Signed transactions are sent to third party providers. Private keys never leave your device. This makes you the owner of your own money.


Created with Cordova and Vanilla JS, Coffee Wallet is light and able to run on multiple platforms and devices, even in your browser.

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current stable version: 0.22.0, current testing version: 0.22.0
Web Version (aka Progressive Web App) can be added to your home screen on any mobile device with support or even installed as a desktop application on

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Why Open Source?

"we keep part of our development in secret, in order to protect our users"
frequently repeated lie

You own your money only if you own your keys but how do you know if you really own your keys if you dont know what your software is doing? Wise man once said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Same goes for secutity, decentralisation and privacy of systems.

Do you invest in a revolutionary technology that allows sending peer-to-peer transactions in a decentralised, transparent and secure manner but you make transaction using a closed software or you keep your assets on a centralised service? You might be doing something wrong. The sole purpose of blockchain is to allow transactions without trusted third party involvement.

That's why transparency is a must in the decentralised world. The whole source code of Coffee Wallet is available and you can even build it yourself.

Coffee Token (CFT)

Coffee Wallet has its own ERC20 utility token:

Coffee Token (CFT)

It will give benefits to its holders like remove adds, add discounts on provisions etc. Other crypto projects will be able to pay for an ad or use Coffee Wallet to airdrop other tokens. It will also be used as a reward for new users for completing a gamified tutorial to promote application and its new features. read more...